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The intro song of your podcast is the first thing your listeners will hear. Take a moment to think about that.

Regardless of how well-crafted the rest of your introduction is — whether you’ve strategically drafted and adhered to a rigorous discussion guide, or took an improvisational approach and recorded your unscripted episode ‘on the fly’ — your show’s music will form new listeners’ first impression of your podcast.

There are approximately 90,000 new podcasts added to Apple Podcasts every month. Do you want to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, or the wrong reasons?

Setting the Right Tone for Your Podcast

On a…

(Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?)

Look, these are anxious times. Maybe this will help somebody. Maybe this will help ME. Anyway, turn off the news for a while and let these shows give you a false sense of calm.

Joe Pera Talks With You

The least Adult Swim content that Adult Swim have ever put out — Joe Pera Talks With You features the titular character, a choir teacher in Michigan, expounding on a varies of topics.

This is aslow-moving, brilliantly written, wholesome comedy. In one episode he waits for his grandmother while she gets her hair…

The “Most Wanted” Gangster of 1921, Roy originally joined the army so that he wouldn’t fall into a life of crime. That lasted about 5 minutes until he deserted, fled to Mexico and began life as a gunrunner during the Mexican Revolution. He was arrested and sentenced to death, but in 1909 he escaped confinement for the first time.

On Easter Monday, 1916, approximately 1,250 members of the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army assembled in Dublin to mount an armed rebellion against the occupying British forces.

The Rebels seized arms and took up strategic locations around the city — like a more high stakes Occupy Movement — including St. Stephen’s Green, just south of the murky waters of the River Liffey.

If 800 years of British Rule hadn’t taught the Irish that those pesky Imperialists will do what they want, when they want, another reminder came the next day when the British Army took up residence at the…

Mostly I just feel paralysed. If my head was in a better place I’d probably think that sounded melodramatic, but for now the only feeling is a lack of feeling. Options stack up in front of me. Impossible options. I cannot make any decisions today.

I know there’s work to be done. Life admin. Basic stuff. Exercise would be good. Shaving and a shower are definitely on both a mental and physical list. Relationships of every kind are going untended. Texts. Gigs. Invites to celebrations. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

A gnawing in my stomach reminds me that I’m at least still…


A writer, creator, and overthinker. I like History, Music, Podcasts, and Comedy.

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